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How to Dress the Hour Glass Body Shape

beautiful waist

For the X-shape, the shoulders and hips tend to be in line or almost in line with the waist being the narrowest

The unique feature is that the hips are the widest part of the body silhouette. When dressing accentuate the waist.

Often the shape that is most coveted because of the natural curves at the bust area, the waist, and the hips

When this shape gains weight, it tends to be even; even though some may gain at the tummy section and end up being an oval shape

For the hourglass, the dressing aim is simple; highlight the waist by framing the natural curves at the bust area, the hips and waist. Shapeless garments which cover the silhouette are a big No-No.

Upper Body

dresses with darts, seams, tucks, wrap dresses, off-shoulders, sweetheart necklines

wear single-breasted blazers as these do not hide the curves

scarves with minimal details or patterns are also great for the upper body

Lower Body

Dresses with the A-line shape, the empire waistline, the V-neckline are also ideal

Boot cut jeans or trousers , straight and skinny jeans or trousers work well

Pants with pockets, rounded shoes are not ideal. Instead, wear pointed shoes to elongate your legs


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