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How to Dress H Body Shape

beautiful silhouette; difference between the I and the H is that the hips and shoulders of the H are broader but the waist is not defined

to dress this shape, create the illusion of a waist without a lot of attention to the waist – have details at the top and bottom sections & leave the middle.

upper body

Avoid tonal belts, seam details, diagonal lines, and narrow belts that highlight waist

Opt for blazers and coats that are single-breasted with most details vertical

Avoid tops that draw attention to the mid-section of the body (e.g crop tops & low-cut armholes). Opt for V-necks, empire garments, long tops, flared sleeves

Ideal dresses – princess seams, the A-line, and the empire line dress

Skirts should not be voluminous and heavy, the A-line, trumpet, paneled and straight skirts are recommende

The key thing is to avoid creating a horizontal right across the waist area

Lower Body

Avoid baggy and cargo pants as they will swallow your silhouette

Trousers that do not flare out so much are great. E.g flat front side, straight pants

When choosing jeans, select straight legs, or slightly flared wide-leg jeans for the illusion of a waist.


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