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Certified Image Consultant 100%
Certified International Etiquette Consultant 100%
Certified Tranformation Life Coach 100%
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Hi, I'm Ms. Daisy,

My mission is to professionally succesful women also succeed in love and life!

Why is a Cambridge MBA, with a civil engineering background, coaching on self-development for ambitious women? When I graduated from university in my mid-twenties, and started navigating life on my own, it became apparent, that my formal education was not going to cut it by itself. I need more social skills, more grace, and more self-awareness. Refinement as I gained social mobility, became a necessity, and not just a good to have.  

That is why, my approach to elegance is multi-faceted. It’s not just one thing that makes you elegant, it is the coming together of different, often neglected, but very important parts of your life. My mission is to help you tie them beautifully into a neat bow, and that is why I went ahead to become a certified image consultant, a certified interntaional etiquette consultant, and a certified transformation life coach, to ensure that the I provide  top-tier reosurces that will help you become a well-rounded and a well-cultured lady.

Being an elegant woman is like being a swan that paddles furiously underneath, but glides gracefully on the surface. That is why I have created this platform to make it easy for you to make great strides without so much trial and error. And I am so happy that you are here. Welcome!

How can we work together?

Are you ready to reconnect with your feminine essence so that you can lead a more fulfilling life as a woman? If yes, it’s time to embody your feminine power unapologetically!

Break free from the patterns that hold you back, and help you embody your feminine energy to achieve polarity in your relationships and become authentically feminine no matter your past or upbringing.

No matter your shape, size or age, your perfect look is within reach! Let’s upgrade your style within a month! This takes place over 4 weekly sessions based on your lifestyle and style personality. Don’t wait!

If you feel like you need guidance to gain direction in your life, and you do not know where to start, this coaching option is for you. Key takeways will be a clear plan to help you redefine your vision.